Characters Emerge

Posted on July 23 2010 by James

First thing Jack needs to know is who the main characters are. I’ve decided to call my Greek grandmother Menni. Don’t know why. Seems like a very Symi sort of name to me. Don’t know anything about her yet, except she doesn’t want her grandson to marry another man.

The grandson is Petros. He grew up on the island but left it for some reason in his mid-teens. He’s been living in the USA and is now in his mid-20s.

Alex is his American boyfriend. I chose the name Alex because it was gender neutral. I don’t know how we’re going to use it, but it helps explain why Menni so easily makes the mistake of assuming Alex is a woman. And we need Menni to have a real shock when she finds out.

Jack says we need to decide whether Menni or Petros is the protagonist, the person who drives the story along, the person with the goal. Need to think about that.

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