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Shocking the Donkeys progress report

Posted on September 2 2010 by James

We’ve just finished the treatment (or book – see previous post) for Act 1. Most screenplays for feature-length films are designed to produce a movie that’s between 100 to 120 minutes. Hollywood proportions expect them to comprise three acts in the proportion 1:2:1. This means that a movie of 120 minutes has a 30-minute Act [...]

Writing the treatment (or book)

Posted on August 30 2010 by James

I’ve been very busy these past few days completing the treatment for Act 1 of Shocking the Donkeys. When you read a screenplay for a film, you’ll find it’s rather like looking at the script for a play. It’s full of dialogue, and descriptions of what the characters look like and do. Before reaching the [...]

Screenwriting’s best kept secret

Posted on August 22 2010 by James

One of the reasons we’re writing this blog is to share our experiences of creating Greek Island with aspiring screenwriters. We’re not setting ourselves up here as experts, though. But we are fellow travellers with a story to tell. And here I think is the moment to let you in on one of screenwriting’s best [...]

Greek Island gets a new title

Posted on August 10 2010 by James

The money boys have asked us to come up with a sexier title for the movie. As you know, Greek Island was only ever a working title, something I plucked out the air at the very beginning. But a film title, as is any book or play title, is a vital part of the marketing [...]

Computers take over

Posted on July 27 2010 by James

I’m being replaced by a computer, it seems. I always knew that one day the robots would take over. But I exaggerate. Jack Rousseau, my writing partner in England, tells me he’s using some new computer software to keep track of all the structuring. I have no idea how it works and I am highly [...]

Dividing up the Work

Posted on July 17 2010 by James

The next few blog posts, over the coming weeks, are based on notes that I made when we started on this project a couple of months ago. As the blog came after we started writing I am kind of backtracking for a while, so that we have a complete record of our thoughts from day [...]