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Support LGBT rights in Greece with a film!

Posted on August 13 2011 by James

If you want to help the GLBT cause in Greece, help civil rights in the country and help get this film made, then now’s your chance. We can confirm that “Shocking the Donkeys” is currently scheduled to be shot in Greece in the late summer of 2012 (probably September/October) with a view to release either [...]

Why do you treat me like this?

Posted on October 27 2010 by James

Last time we looked at treatments and focused on what kind of a document a treatment is. We’ve nearly finished writing the treatment for Shocking the Donkeys and the next stage is to start writing a script. The treatment we are writing is a detailed scene by scene blueprint of what happens (called by some [...]

Progress Report

Posted on October 4 2010 by James

Last time I mentioned there had been a lot going on with Shocking the Donkeys, much of which I can’t share with you yet. And that’s still the case. It involves all the delicate negotiations over financing the movie. And so far, it’s all good news. What I can say is that our executive producer, [...]

New Facebook Site for Gay Actors and Film People

Posted on August 24 2010 by James

We realise that as word spreads about our film project Shocking the Donkeys, our blog is likely to be read by an increasing number of people involved in the film industry, or who want to become involved. One of our aims in this blog is to take you on the journey from the beginning of [...]