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Calling all Greek speakers, Μιλάτε ελληνικά;

Posted on July 20 2011 by James

Just a quick note this morning, to ask if any of you very clever bilingual people out there would like to help a donkey or two. The production company who are keen to produce Shocking the Donkeys are putting together a website to start the fund-raising process. This is going to be in Greek and [...]

Website launch is in sight

Posted on July 4 2011 by James

You may have thought everything on “shocking the Donkeys” had gone quiet, but in fact there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes, much of it too boring to write about, but essential next steps. I’m talking about the building of a website designed especially to raise international awareness of the project, and, [...]

Looking for a Greek Film Production company

Posted on March 28 2011 by James

Just a quick update: For everyone who is following the blog and the progress of Shocking The Donkeys, the current news is: The production company who have taken the script (Andzoo Productions) are now in the process of arranging finance for a production. This could take some time, as these things are never ‘over night’. [...]

Greek Island’s executive producer

Posted on August 1 2010 by James

Although we’ve mentioned it in the section Investment Opportunities (see tabs above) we’ve not yet talked about it in the blog. So we thought we’d tell you something about Matthew John, our executive producer. The executive producer is responsible for bringing the whole project together. That means finding all the funding and then sourcing the [...]

News is spreading

Posted on July 29 2010 by James

Found out today to my surprise that news of our romantic comedy movie project is rapidly spreading through the Greek gay community, courtesy of various websites. This may have been started by Ta Nea, the Greek national daily evening newspaper mentioning it in their article on me and Neil last Saturday, or maybe the Daily [...]