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Let us learn from Mamma Mia!

Posted on July 30 2010 by James

I’m quoted in the Greek national evening newspaper Ta Nea as saying that whichever island becomes the location for our movie project can expect the same kind of publicity that Mamma Mia! brought to Skopolos. Of course, I’m not expecting Greek Island, our film, to be anything like as much of an international blockbuster as [...]

Population increase on Kalados

Posted on July 28 2010 by James

The population of Kalados (my fictional Greek island) has boomed in the last 24 hours. In fact, it’s now gone up from one (Menni) to four. The computer wants more characters, so what the computer wants, it gets, it seems. I decided a reporter would be nice. If the gay marriage is going to cause [...]

Greek Island is Named

Posted on July 26 2010 by James

I woke up in the night shouting ‘Kalados’. I have no idea where that came from. I must have been dreaming about Greek Island. But somewhere from the depths of my creative sub-conscious the island has acquired a name. Kalados it is. A remote, rather inaccessible and wholly fictional island somewhere in the Dodecanese. Of [...]

Greek Island the movie – the starting place

Posted on July 16 2010 by James

There is something quite scary knowing people are running about making arrangements to shoot a movie you’ve not yet written. I should learn to keep my big mouth shut. I was in the very early stages of just thinking about an idea for writing a screenplay when the phone rang. ‘Working on anything interesting?’ Now [...]