Battling Granny

Posted on August 6 2010 by James

Jack and I are deep into brainstorming ideas for sketching out the characters. I’ve had what I think is a rather brilliant touch for Menni, the grandmother, who I’ve decided is the protagonist and main character of Greek Island.

I’ve given her a mobile phone and a Nintendo DS.

I didn’t want Kalados (the fictional island with a striking resemblance to Symi) to look as though it was completely cut off from the 21st century.

The Nintendo DS has apparently taken the Menni generation by storm. All over the world there are grannies valiantly battling galactic monsters. They used to be avid buyers of puzzle books but hand-held computers have opened up a whole new realm for them.

The opening scene of Greek Island could well be a distant shot of Menni apparently fast asleep outside her shop (empty of any tourists). But as the camera tracks in more closely we may see her fingers and thumbs manically twiddling with something in her lap. Closer still, and we see her killing off some fiend in a dungeon. Cue the banal computer music with a victory fanfare as Menni fists the air with a clenched first.

Yayas rule, OK!

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