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Neil Symi April_047



After what seems like an age of nothing much happening, things are starting to pick up. When I say not much happening, I mean for me; writing, the occasional walk, piano lessons, staying home a lot. Now, though, with more visitors, things are becoming more social. Not so much this week, but next when in the diary we have a breakfast, a BBQ and a dinner, and that’s on top of the daily routine. I’m still waiting to hear when my annual health-check MOT might be, and I need to collect my biometric card from Rhodes at some point. Before then, we need to make sure the card is there, and that means trying to get through on a phone that’s hardly ever answered. On top of that, I need to visit the dentist. I was planning to do this when I’d saved enough because I want a couple of cosmetic things doing, and now it feels like I have a wisdom tooth finally coming through. I had three out years ago, but it seems the fourth might finally make an appearance. As I have to collect something from ACS today (Monday), I will see if the dentist is around and make an appointment. And that’s about the highlight of my day. Meanwhile, here are some recent hinterland photos for you to peruse while I prepare myself to ‘do’ the Kali Strata in temperatures of 34 + degrees.

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