The Judas Curse

The Judas Curse
Written by James Collins and Jack Rousseau
Produced by 1066 Productions
Filmed Oct 2013,

The Judas Curse SymiA Greek island, a son searching for answers, an evil searching for a host.
They thought it was suicide, until the bodies piled up.
When a curse, 2,000 years old is unleashed, death is the easy option.

Filmed on Symi, 2013
Post production started May 2014

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“When a renegade father dies investigating an ancient myth, he leaves behind a mystery that only his son will be able to unlock. But some secrets are best left buried as Chris Trelawney discovers when he comes to a remote Greek island to collect his late father’s belongings.

Meeting a beautiful and mysterious woman, Stavroula, he slowly learns to accept that there are stranger things in heaven and earth than he ever dreamed possible. It is not long before he is forced to question everything he holds to be true as one by one the remaining villagers take their own lives, in violent, horrifying ways.

But will simply unlocking the secret be enough to save the village, Stavroula, and his own son as a dark force 2,000 years old stalks the island, growing stronger with every suicide until there is only one way out. Death.

But when under the Judas Curse, death is the easy option.”

The film was shot on Symi  in October 2013. Further enquires should be made to 1066 Productions

View the original concept trailer/teaser here: