Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader


First draft complete

This screenplay is designed as a low budget horror/slasher film. Set in two cheap locations (a lake/wood and a house in a wood – available) the script is written for daylight filming, a cast of nine that dwindles as death occur and with ‘low budget’ in mind.

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WGA registration: 1597877

Logline: A deranged teacher on a killing spree picks off students on a leadership course. A shy young trainee risks his life to protect the girl of his dreams as his colleagues die horrible deaths around him.

Brief synopsis:

A tangled heap of bodies, a sickle dripping blood, a killing spree.

Death was the last thing on the minds of six young high-flying office hopefuls. Miles from anywhere on an assessment weekend, they face extreme challenges as they compete to see who will emerge as leader. Promotion is their reward. Failure is not an option.

Dan, an insecure East End lad, has always had his eye on Gale. He has two days to find the courage and means to impress her.

The challenges begin immediately when the instructors inexplicably disappear. Now the team must bond and react. They know they’re being watched, assessed, and singled out.

But the watcher is an escaped psychopath, singling them out for slaughter. As Dan pieces together what’s really going on, he realises it’s not just their jobs but their lives at stake.

He discovers the story of Rick North, a local teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student. North was innocent. The girl was 18 and consenting. They were in love. But pupils smearing rumours caused him to lose his job, his wife, his family.

In a mad rage, North killed some of the smug pupils who accused him. But having escaped from a secure mental hospital, he has returned, hell-bent on revenge against students. Any students. Especially those who happen to be on a course based at the house where his girl used to live.

As the mangled body pile in the barn continues to grow, the team have to choose between flight or fight. Either could end in gruesome death. Unexpectedly elected leader, Dan opts to fight, until, picked off one by one, only four remain.

He has no option but to risk everything in a desperate dash for help. It’s a long way to safety but it is broad daylight. The trouble with daylight is you can see who’s coming to get you.

Dan, Gale, and two others, flee, with North in chase. Dan tells Gale to lead the others through the woods while he goes back to block North. In a deadly duel with the killer, Dan discovers that North has returned to train ‘her’, the one he loved. In the final bloody showdown amid the heap of his dead colleagues, Dan, against all odds, manages to kill North. Exhausted, he drags himself out to claim his own love, Gale.

But then discovers, too late, that this course was not about finding a leader, but training a follower. North has been training Gale how to kill. Dan becomes her first victim. Gale was North’s girl, and, after killing Dan, she is fully ready to seek revenge on the fellow pupils that took her love from her.