The Judas Curse, filmed 2013

James is currently involved in screenplay writing and has several completed scripts to his credit, one has been optioned and others are in development. Screenwriting is a collaborative affair and all drafts are, of course, open to discussion and further development. Sample scripts and further information are available on request.

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 The Judas Curse (creator and co-writer) based on his novel, The Judas Inheritance, the film was shot in Greece in 2013 and is currently in post-production (May 2014). IMDB here.


The Vessel (Co-writer) December 2012, currently in production off the Suffolk coast, directed by John-Martin White. Genre Horror. Release: 2013





Shocking the Donkeys (Available)

Comedy set on a small Greek island. A gay wedding causes a clash of culture.


Other People’s Dreams (Available)

Thriller set on a sailing boat. How far would you go to live your dream?


The Saddling (Available)

A spooky mystery set on Romney Marsh. Tracking down your ancestors can be a deathly business.


Time and Again (Available)

Gay love drama set in a British public school ,in 1936 and 1996. Two 18 year olds meet and fall in love 60 years after one of them has died…


The Jellybean Republic (Developing for commission)

Comedy set in a revolting London borough. What if your street didn’t exist?


Follow the Leader (Available)

£15k Low budget horror/slasher; one location, no FX, daylight shooting, young cast