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About. James Collins is a British-born writer who currently lives in Greece. Here you can find out more about his writing projects, past and present.

Read his blog from Symi, Greece here.




Screenplays. He has recently written three feature-length movie screenplays (one now in development) and has plans for several more.


Books. James has published two travel books and four novels.
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Other. If you need blog posts, articles, stories… if you would like feedback on your writing… see this page.



Read James’ day to day blog at www.symidream.com which is all about living and working on the Greek island of Symi.


“James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, and in reporting what he sees with kind humour and a writer’s eye for the detail.” Anne Zouroudi author of the Greek detective series published by Bloomsbury.