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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Hills, Water, Goats

Hills, Water, Goats

As you can see from the photos, yesterday was a little bit grey, but at least it was dry. Which is more than can be said for the area around a leaking pipe on the path to To Vrisi. (Perhaps someone else could also share this news to the town hall in case they don’t know yet.)

December 3rd 5

I took a morning walk, the first time I’ve been able to in about a week. It’s either been raining, or I couldn’t be bothered, but I made the effort yesterday. The highlight was meeting a herd of goats being moved from their pen to a hillside further along the path. The goatdog (I assume that’s what you call them, as in, sheepdog) came bounding up to greet me, and I stood to the side, still so as not to frighten the skittish beasts. On the way home, I called into upper Horio to collect an oil-filled radiator to bring down to the house. Not a light thing to carry, but at least it was downhill. My arms are wobbly now, so if my typing is more off than usual, you will know why.

December 3rd 3

The view was otherwise unchanged on the path along the side of the hill. I know I do this walk a lot but that’s because I like it, and it’s also a three-mile round trip which is what I aim to do five times per week. A more strenuous one is to follow the main road all the way out of the village and along to the Panormitis turn off and back, that’s just over three miles and constantly uphill. That makes coming back a breeze, and maybe I’ll do that walk later in the week.

December 3rd 2

I’m just tacking a request on the end of this post in case you don’t see it on Facebook. The talented designer who did my recent covers (The Witchling, The Eastling and others) has a cover entered into a competition. Anjela K lives in Serbia, and I think deserves some attention, so it would be great if my readers could click over to the link below and then click on the vote button. You don’t need to sign up or anything, not until the vote reaches 200; after that, you’d have to register so, if you want to help, it’s better to be quick. There’s no information sharing unless you want your name shown, so it’s quite safe. Just click this link and then hit the orange Vote button. (The book looks good too, he added with a wink.) Thank you!

December 3rd 7