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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Heading to Tilos

Heading to Tilos

I’m looking ahead to the end of May when I shall be going away for a week. Once again I have booked the Eli Bay on Tilos, the same place as I stayed three years ago. Below are a few photos I took then. The plan is to write for a week and pick up my tried and trusted daily routine which runs something like this:

Symi Greece Symi Dream photos

Wake early, usually around 6.00 if not before. Take a long walk along the seafront and back to clear the head. Open the laptop and sit down to work around 7.30. Work through until coffee time, take a break in the town square while the room is cleaned – they do it every day there. Another typing session until lunch, usually taken in the square or on the terrace as the mood strikes. An afternoon session that runs until around 5 pm when I shut up shop, change, take another walk if I feel like it, and then head to the square and dinner with my notebook.


As you might gather, I am there to write not swim or ramble, though I usually try and take one afternoon off for a stroll up the hills. It’s a working ‘holiday’ away from the distractions of home, and last time I was there, I managed 37,000 words during the six days. Getting there and back from Symi is easy but can only be done directly on a Friday on the Blue Star. (The alternative is via Rhodes.) That means arriving late in the evening, 10.00 I think, and leaving early in the morning, currently 6.00. On one visit, the boat left Tilos at 5.00, and that was on the Diagoras, it’s a bit faster on the Patmos.


So, I have that to look forward to, and hopefully, by then the rain would have gone, and we’ll be black to spring/early summer sunshine again. Btw, we are heading to Rhodes on Friday, so there may or may not be a blog over the next couple of days.

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