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Living on a Greek island

A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Friday Photos

Friday Photos

Did you notice I resisted the temptation to write Friday Fotos? As I’ve gone from six to five-day working weeks, I’m putting up on a Friday what I used to put up on a Saturday, i.e. around 10 random photos. These ones were taken during this week. Have a good weekend wherever you are, stay home when you can, stay safe and don’t read the UK’s Daily Express. Rumours they put out about Greece opening its tourist season to UK visitors by the end of this month were completely wide of the mark and caused friends’ hopes to be raised and dashed.

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