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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Follow that cab

Follow that cab

As you may have read, we went over to Rhodes on Friday to get our annual health checks done. We now do this under a private insurance scheme with AXA (and more about that later in the week) where previously, we used to do it on our own. Blood tests, chest x-ray and cardiogram, and for Neil, another test which you have to have done every five years if you work with food and drink. The day starts with the boat across to Rhodes, and the Friday boat is always popular. That’s mainly because the timing is better as it leaves at 8.20 in the morning rather than 5.05 – or similar times. Knowing that the boat would be busy and thus possibly a crush for taxis at the other end, I booked a taxi via Rodos Taxi online a few days before we were due to go. The boat was slightly late coming in, and where our arrival time was meant to be 9.20, we didn’t dock until around 9.45…

February 21_2

We were heading to Euromedica to meet our insurance agent, get our tests done and then have the rest of the day free, and we poured from the boat among the crowd of day visitors from Symi, Tilos and other islands, the soldiers heading home or to other islands (the ferry goes on to Kastalorizo), the lorries and cars, and looked for anyone holding a card or iPad with our name on it. I wasn’t sure what the taxi courtesy waiting time was, but by the time we had looked around, and the crowd and other taxis had started to thin out, we still hadn’t found him/her. Assuming we had missed it because we were late, and being in a rush, we hailed another cab, and as we set off, I emailed the taxi firm to tell them, just in case our driver was still hanging around and waiting. I didn’t mind paying again, I could sort that out later, but I didn’t want the poor chap/chapess waiting there all morning in vain. Just after leaving the harbour entrance, my phone rang…

February 21_5

It was our driver asking if we had taken another taxi, and I said yes because we thought we’d missed him as we were late. He apologised, saying he was stuck behind a bus and couldn’t get to us, but assumed we were the people in taxi number 41. He also said he was following us, and could we stop? I handed my phone to our driver, they had a conversation, and our taxi pulled over. The original one dew up behind and the two drivers had a quick chat before our original driver again apologised for missing us and paid the new driver the money we had paid the company when pre-booking. That done, we set off to Euromedica in the non-booked cab, and all was well. I emailed the company directly to let them know and thanked them for the service. I mean, chasing another cab to pay another driver, so we didn’t lose our money was going the extra mile (literally) for one’s customers, and I thought it was rather decent of them.

I mention that as I’ve used before and will use them again and if you’re travelling at busy times, or have a quick connection to make between boat and airport, then you might find that link useful. Btw; the return journey cost the same as the outward one, but you do pay a couple of Euros extra for booking online in advance, as you would if you rang a cab from a hotel.