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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Films News and a Thank You

Films News and a Thank You

We received a postcard the other day, from Alonissos. I just wanted to say thank you to Anschi for sending it, and for your good wishes. Keep reading the blog and the books!

As for the film news, if you haven’t already seen the news, ‘The 13th‘ has won ‘Best Feature Film of the Year’ at the Lake View Film Festival in South Africa, and the award has arrived with the director/producer at 1066 Productions. Bravo to everyone involved, backers, actors, crew and local Symi children (and adults) included. Let’s hope that this award helps the company find a distributor and the money needed to get the film released to the public. Here’s a photo of the award. (Other photos today are random, as per.)

'The 13th' has won 'Best Feature Film of the Year' at the Lake View Film Festival in South Africa

‘The 13th’ has won ‘Best Feature Film of the Year’ at the Lake View Film Festival in South Africa

Also, if anyone is in London on 31st October and fancies seeing the film at the Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington, where the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival is taking place, 1066 have five free tickets for backers or interested parties. The tickets include 20% off all drinks at the bar all day/evening. If you do want to go, you won’t have to make a speech or anything, it would just be good to have an audience and someone there who has a connection with the film even if you haven’t – if you see what I mean. (The connection would be that you’re a Symi Dreamer, that’s good enough for anyone.) Contact me if you are interested. (Email address at the bottom of this site.)

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That’s the news and thanks done, now back to the writing but I will say it again, if you’ve seen the film and want the full story, or if you’ve not yet read the book, ‘The Judas Inheritance’, you can find it on Kindle and in print right here. Symi isn’t named as the island in the book, but it’s pretty obvious where it is set, at least, it will be to anyone who reads the book, knows the island and the village in particular.

The Judas Inheritance_ full cover - smaller

Also, a quick note: at the moment, if you order a print copy of ‘The Saddling’ (my currently best selling mystery/thriller) you get a Kindle version copy for free. Sounds like a Christmas present for a friend, with a bonus for you kind of deal to me.

Saddling five star times three