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Dracula – read it many times.

Dracula – read it many times.

This blog had nothing to do with Symi, apart from photos, but in reply to a question from Neil on Facebook yesterday. He asked, What is your favourite novel and why?

My reply was Dracula, which I have read many times and have three copies off including an annotated one given to me by my mum as a 13th birthday present, and one which is a limited-edition print from the original, which Jenine and Ian gave me on my 50th.

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Why favourite? A few reasons and none of them to do with vampires. For me, it’s the construction of the story.

1, It’s told in journals and diaries, letters and memos, which not only gives you several characters’ point of view but puts you right into their story.

2, It’s a story about friendship as a group of people band together to save Main Harker, and everyone else. There are three men (Seward, Morris and Godalming) who all wanted Lucy’s hand in marriage and yet they are mates and stay that way. Spoiler alert: one of them dies, and that’s the part that moves me.

3, There’s a part in the story where the characters read each other’s journals to bring themselves up to speed. You realise, about halfway through, that the characters are now reading what you have been reading and know as much as you do. A great little gimmick that I bet most readers miss.

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Just a little sidestep from the usual posts there. Have a nice day!

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