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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Distantly sociable

Distantly sociable

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is about to rise, and I’ve had a sociable yet lazy week. The note to self for this coming week is ‘Must try harder’, and I’m talking about taking walks up the hill and back before work. My trouble is, now the sun comes up later, I’m into my work well before dawn and don’t want to interrupt myself. Or maybe that’s just an excuse.  As for the sociable part, we were invited on a short evening trip to Taviri last week, which we accepted because it was a dear friend’s 70th birthday party, and because it will be the only boat trip we’ll do this year, so we prepared ourselves.

September 10th_11

Taviri is the place we held our CP event three years ago nearly to the day, and it was good to see it again. It’s a small bay around the side of Nimos, the uninhabited (apart from churches) island opposite Symi, and about 20 minutes away by boat. It doesn’t look like much, being a concrete landing slab and broken path to one deserted building, but you make it your own. That’s what the party did, putting stools at distances for people to sit, Yiannis Poseidon laying out one of his famous buffet meals, distanced dancing and with only around 30 people in the group, being distantly cautious on the journey too. It’s still possible to enjoy Symi while being careful, and everyone had a good time. Following the instructions given by the police when granting permission for the trip, the boat returned at 10.30, and not wanting to wait for the bus, and finding no taxis, we walked back up the steps — about my only decent exercise of last week.

September 10th_17

We also had a lovely distanced dinner with friends on Saturday night, choosing from Georgio’s limited menu. Limited, perhaps, but still with so much choice, it’s hard to decide what to have. Then, of course, there was Neil’s birthday with the godsons, and, at the bar, there is currently a lively atmosphere as we have some regular visitors on the island. It’s not exactly life as normal, but it’s something, and, for someone like me who spends as much time as possible at home, it made a change.

September 10th_10

As for the week ahead, I have a new book coming out at the weekend, but I’ve yet to finish the final read-through, set out the pages and make up the book for printing. I also have a piano lesson with godson #2, a singing session, a chat with my financial adviser on Zoom, I’m keen to get back to the current writing projects, stalled while the last one is published, and there was something else… Oh yes. Those one-hour walks in the morning. I’d better leave myself a reminder.

September 12th_2