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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

The countryside within minutes

The countryside within minutes

I took a brief walk early on Monday morning, just down towards Pedi, as far as the football pitch and back again. The nice thing about this route is that I was in the ‘countryside’ within five minutes of leaving home. At least, that’s how it felt. It’s been a while since I smelt dung (lol), and there’s something strangely refreshing about it. It reminds me of being young on the Marsh, where you could often smell the fields from the edge of town. Muck spreading was a particularly fragrant time of year and a smell that still doesn’t bother me.

I came across a menagerie within minutes of leaving home…

Feb 28th_2

Sotiris was opening up and feeding his ‘family’, as he called them. ‘How many have you got?’ I asked, but he only shrugged and laughed. These are the bin cats and others from along the lane, and as you can see, the supermarket is not only popular with shoppers.

Feb 28th_6

Heading down the Pedi road, I branched off down the slope behind what was once Blooms, and within seconds, was treading over rocks on the semi-made road. There are smallholdings and fields, orchards and vegetable patches on either side, plenty of chickens to greet, and that countryside smell, although the road is only a few yards away. The air was fresh, though, and a few birds were rustling the trees, a few goats and sheep tied up or roaming in pens, and a sense of calm. The moon was setting, though the sun was not yet up, which is why the images are grey and dull.

Feb 28th_4

Reaching the football pitch, I decided I’d had enough, a chapter was pressing on my mind, so I turned around and made the steady climb back up to the village via Campos. A simple, short walk of around 40 minutes ambling. Meanwhile, Neil had set off Climbing over rocky mountains (extra points for identifying the operetta that comes from) to Micro Sotiris and back, an eleven-mile hike that took him five and a half hours via the ridge and returning on the road. He (they, as he was with Clare) stopped for photos along the way, and there will be some of them in due course. Meanwhile, back to the desk.

Feb 28th_7