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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Cold and postage

Cold and postage

That was the coldest weekend so far this winter, surely? Down to 5 degrees in our courtyard on Saturday and Sunday with a strong north wind, clear skies and ice on puddles. The workhouse (the section of our house where the study is) is one chilly concrete block this morning and my fingers hurt. I’m wearing thermals, t-shirt, Aran sweater and a woollen cardigan on top of that, hat and gloves and viewing my screen through clouds of condensation breath. The heater is on but takes a while to make a difference, and it’s tempting to stay in the sitting room next door under the blanket with the other heaters on, as they were all day yesterday. But I’m not doing that, there are things to be done. Lots to do this morning, and Neil’s going to Yialos to see the dentist and check the post office as we’re expecting our holiday documents any day now. On which note, check out the news; the Greek post office has said that recipients of parcels from non-EU countries now have to pay a €15.00 fee to the Greek Post in order to receive their package. The story is here:

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Well, that’s going to make ordering from abroad more tedious. I use Amazon Germany or France when ordering items I can’t get here. Otherwise, I use Greek sites, but if someone’s sending something in the post from the yUK… Well, bear in mind the person at this end might not be able to afford to collect it or want to pay the charge.

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