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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Changing weather

Changing weather

Woke to cloud yesterday and lower temperatures. Went for a short walk up the road and back down through the village, just go blow the cobwebs away, and just in time to see the sun coming up.


The news from here is that bars are reopening on Monday, or at least, they can if they want to, and Yiannis intends to open the Rainbow. I believe, but am not sure that it’s outside seating only, and with tables at certain distances, only so many people only per table, and households can sit together, but not others. The question is, who will be there to have an afternoon drink during the siesta hours that Neil works? The next question is, will he be able to get to Rhodes tomorrow to have his medical paperwork signed off? The tests were all done before we went away in early March, but the doctor has been unable to get to Symi since. These are papers that bar and café workers need to work with food; nothing to do with what’s going on now. But all that’s for next week. I am heading off for a weekend of what look like changeable weather and will leave you with a set of photos taken yesterday. I’ll be back on Monday.

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