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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

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James Collins Amazon Author Page

James Collins Amazon Author Page

We’re reaching the end of our two weeks of self-publicity and ahead of tomorrow’s Symi photos, here’s a link to my author page on Amazon. From there you can click to buy any of the books in Kindle or print format, and they are all free on Kindle Unlimited.

author pageAs always, reviews are welcome and much appreciated, especially the good ones. Also, if you’ve enjoyed any of my books, please feel free to share the links with your Facebook friends and anyone you think might be interested. A lot of my ‘traffic’ comes from the blog, but an increasing about comes from Facebook and Twitter sharing. What’s particularly helpful is if someone suggests a book on a group page. That’s something I don’t like to do myself as it doesn’t feel right, but if a third party, a loyal Symi Dreamer, for example (you) recommends a book in a reader’s or writer’s group or anywhere where other group members might benefit, then it helps spread the word.

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The Witchling – my latest thriller

You will notice that I have two other titles that I’ve not talked about over this past two weeks, Into The Fire and You Wish! It’s not because I don’t think they are any good, it’s mainly because they are my two firsts and perhaps a bit obscure. (They, like a couple of the other older books, could do with some editing and proper proofing – one day.)

Once again, thank you for putting up with the last two weeks of self-blurbing, we will be returning tomorrow with our usual Symi photos and, all being well, I shall be back to blogging next week. As you read this, we should be arriving back on Symi on the morning Blue Star ferry. Between the time of writing this (Monday 12th March) we should have: spent a couple of nights in Rhodes, had our annual health checks done, flown to Athens for an afternoon and night, seen the new museum, caught a plane to Frankfurt and then another to Split, had a week there with a quick overnight in Dubrovnik, flown to Munich, had a fast scurry to a flight to Athens, indulged in a night at the airport hotel (small mortgage required), trained it to Piraeus and boated it, overnight, to Symi. Now would be a good time to thank everyone who contributed to the honeymoon fund at our wedding last year, and to thank every one of you who has bought one (or all) of my books over the years. Still waiting to be written are ‘Unforgivably’, a Miss P novel and ‘The Eastling’ (working title) the third in the Saddling series.

James Collins author page at Amazon

James Collins author page on Facebook

Lonely House

Lonely House

We’re off into horror land with today’s plug for ‘Lonely House.’

This book started off as an idea for a film script. In fact, if you were to analyse it, you would see that it follows a classic four-act film structure. 1) Set up leading to twist, 2) Dealing with the twist leading to a story-changing revelation, 3) Dealing with the consequences leading to a crisis and climax, and 4) Resolving it all. As I like to put it: Act one, there is no problem. Act two, what is this problem? Act three, how do we deal with it? Act four, dealing with it. Or, if you will excuse me, your basic four-act film story or novel in this case, looks like this:

  • Chilling
  • Wtf?
  • No, seriously, mate, WTF!
  • Phew (or not)

It is also written mainly in the present tense to bring the reader right into the horror – and it does get a bit bloody in places. The story takes place in an unspecified location but, if you’re brave enough to make it to the end, the last scene is set in Dymchurch on the Kent coast.

Lonely House _ ebookl coverLonely House

“How much horror can one friendship endure?”

Drover and Pete are two hopeful drifters looking for a better life. Desperate for food, they break into an isolated house deep in a forest. There they accidentally shoot an old man just as the rest of his family arrive for a birthday gathering.

Under intense suspicion from the family, the boys attempt to cover up the accident. But they are not the only ones keeping a murderous secret. Mistrust and deception unearth a primaeval ritual as the lies give way to a terrifying truth.

With time running out and a deadly force closing in, Drover and Pete’s survival rests on the strength of their friendship, but they must face some horrific choices in order to stay alive.

“Loved this book from start to finish. A real page-turner with twists and turns all the way. How James comes up with these stories amazes me. Horror, mystery and a degree of sadness. Who will come out on top. Keep reading.” Joan West

“James tantalises you by just releasing enough information on each character to keep you wanting to know more about each of them. He has mastered that technique of forcing you to start the next chapter as you really care what happens to these people – some you want to stay with you, others you may want to kill. This excellent story has a very satisfactory outcome – depending on your moral compass.” Derek Stephen

Lonely House _ full cover