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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Getting back to the blog

Getting back to the blog

It is always difficult to get back into blogging after a holiday, and even more tricky following the death of a good friend and Symi ambassador. To talk about our recent holiday and what else is going on on Symi seems out of place, but it has to be done. So, today, to ease us back into Symi Dream normality, I’ll just mention a few things I noticed when out for an early morning walk yesterday.

Mandraki in rough weather

Mandraki in rough weather (March)

I only walked through the village and up the road a while before turning back at Lavinia Studios (the place I first stayed back in 1996). Since returning last Friday and along the way yesterday, I noticed that the new Chinese Clothes shop is now fully open and being used and investigated by interested local customers; we wish the shop well, and I’m looking forward to taking a look around it soon. George the butcher has closed, and his old premises is up for rent. George is joining the priesthood, and one of Zoi’s sons is starting up a new butcher shop in the new buildings opposite the old pharmacy which is itself under repair, albeit slowly. The folklore museum has its sign-up advertising opening hours of 8.30 to 14.30 Tuesday to Sunday.

Wooden bikes for hire

Wooden bikes for hire on Rhodes

The ‘American’ supermarket has undergone some changes during the winter and expanded again, offering more ready-made and unusual items along with its traditional offerings and stock, and Sotiris supermarket remains the same as ever, as does the one at Campos. Lefteris was at work yesterday at 6.30 sweeping and preparing his kafeneion in his time-traditional way, and Nikitas was already in his kiosk listening to his radio. So, everything seems to be either starting anew, continuing as usual or opening up (or preparing to) for the summer and that includes ourselves. Neil is starting back at work at the Rainbow Bar on Wednesday afternoon, three to five as usual, and I am, from today, back into my writing routine of at least eight hours per day on one thing or another.

Mythos Symi

Dinner at Mythos Symi, a new restaurant from Stavros and the couple who used to have Indigo, on Rhodes. It’s not far from the Plaza Hotel and well worth a visit.

There will be other shots from our recent trip in the days to come as I thought readers might be interested in, for example, what we did and how we travelled from Athens to Symi on the overnight Blue Star. For today, though, I simply found some random shots from the Rhodes part of our trip to whet your appetite.


Lunch at the Lebanese restaurant in the side street almost opposite Koukos (next to what was the China Burger). Wonderful food and really nice staff – and not expensive.



Wendy Symi Visitor

Wendy Symi Visitor

I expect many of you will know by now that Wendy, founder and leader of Symi Visitor, died suddenly last weekend. I thought it more appropriate that you should read the information and message from Adriana’s Symi Visitor blog rather than from me and so, today, I’m simply leaving you with a link to her blog so you can read the facts from their official spokesperson.



Just a quick note to say hello, we are back, but the blog won’t be up today. I’ll be in touch tomorrow. Thanks for staying with us over the last two weeks. There will be holidays snaps and stories and Symi news coming along very soon – just need a little more time to settle back in.