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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

A Storming Party

A Storming Party

Yes, it did rain a little on Sunday night. A typical Symi winter storm, I’d call it, complete with lightning bolt, big bang and a blackout. That only lasted for ten minutes, and it came after the party I was attending had moved inside the Rainbow Bar to escape the downpour. The following images take you through the highlights.

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Here’s October

Here’s October

It’s Sunday morning, early, and the sun is just about to rise behind some heavy clouds. It’s reasonably clear overhead here on Symi, but along the horizon, over Turkey, it’s a different story – cloud and lightning. Things may change as various forecasts are still saying we’ll get the edge of storm Zorba, but, so far, there’s not been much sign of it.

Sept 29 06

There was an interesting light over Yialos last night as we headed down for dinner – thank you C&R, we had a great time, even managed to get a taxi up to the village afterwards.

Sept 29 02

I’d been for a walk in the afternoon, my fourth this week. I am aiming for five a week, of three miles each, half of which should be uphill, and I may yet go for a stroll later today. I’ve got into that thing of walking while listening to music. It’s not on too loud so I can still hear cars approaching, but it does make the uphill climbs more bearable, somehow. I try to switch off from the aching legs, which ache less with each walk, and before you know it, you’re at the top because the music gives you something else to think about. I should be thinking about books and what comes next because…

Sept 29 01

I finished ‘The Eastling’ over the weekend and later today am sending it to the proofreader who has it in her diary for an 11th October start, if not before. Meanwhile, my cover designer, Adjela in Serbia, is working on a couple of minor changes to the cover and I need to finalise the back blurb so she can add it. Never an easy thing to do: write a 97,000-word novel and then condense that into three or four sentences that sum up the story without giving anything away, makes the book sound interesting, communicates the atmosphere and makes the blurb reader want to buy the book. Needless to say, I am still working on it, and that’s what I should be getting on with now.

Sept 29 03

So, here’s wishing you a happy month ahead, and here’s hoping this storm stays away from us.