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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Blazing blasé

Blazing blasé

It is easy to become blasé about some things when living permanently in a place like Symi. Goats wandering past your door, finding a stray cat asleep in the bathroom towels one morning (when the door had been shut all night), snakes in the courtyard, a roach in the washing up… But let’s take the summer weather as a more pleasant example. Recently I saw some notes and posts from people in the yUK saying how hot it was at 32 degrees. I remembered a similar heatwave when I used to live there and how uncomfortable it was, so I sympathised. However, it made me wonder how hot it was here, and on checking our garden thermometer, found it to read 38 in the shade. I am inside a lot of the time with fans blasting at me and windows open, so I’ve become accustomed, I guess. The temperature dropped to 35 overnight, but you know, we just get on with it.

august 9th_1

A day or so later (Friday I think it was), I woke up cold, or I woke up because I was cold. There’s no duvet on the bed these days, there’s not even a sheet, and the fans were on, but this was a different cold. By the time I reached the sitting room a couple of minutes later, I’d had to but a shirt on, and that’s not happened around here for some weeks now. Checking the thermometer later that morning, just before noon, actually, I found it was an icy 29 degrees. The shirt stayed on all day. There was some bad weather ‘up north’ around the mainland, so I assume we got the outer edges of that.

august 9th_2

Today’s photos were taken yesterday morning, and as you can see, a calm sea, a few yachts up this end of the harbour, and a supply ship heading out. We are expecting some regular visitors to return over the next few weeks, and it will be nice to see them – remember, no hugging or spontaneous handshakes. It will also be good for many businesses who, I am sure, are in dire need of custom. Let’s hope everyone’s sensible and the country doesn’t have to stop flights coming in again. Meanwhile, I am planning a quiet week, mainly at home with a couple of walks before the day gets too hot, and, hopefully, a lot more writing.

august 9th_3

Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend

A collection of random images to be precise. Just a few I’ve pulled from the recent collection of shots taken when out and about which, as you know, isn’t something I do very often at the moment. Some of them are Neil’s. You can tell that from the quality. The upcoming weekend holds no surprises for me that I know of, but then, if they did, they wouldn’t be surprises. What it does promise, is the visit of a pair of ‘Rainbow Regulars’ who we’ve missed this year. Hopefully, they will have a trouble-free journey over, and won’t mind us sitting apart rather than with. I had to tell someone off the other afternoon. They passed by and did that usual thing without thinking – grabbing Neil by the shoulders, as he was sat down, by way of a friendly greeting. My barked order of ‘Don’t touch him!’ came out instinctively. I’m not paranoid, but really people! Just think before you act. I know it’s what people have always done, and they may have tested negative on the way over (but who knows whose breath they have breathed in between times), but these are not normal circumstances. Anyway… You know my feelings on all that, now here are some photos.

August 3rd_16

Taverna Zoi open as usual (in the evenings, not at 6.45 when this was taken)

August 2nd_10

Apostolis taverna, Pedi, open as usual (though closed here as it was about 6.30 in the morning)

August 5th_07 August 5th_01 August 5th Neil_08 August 3rd_05 August 4th_07_1 August 4th_04_1 August 2nd_11 July 25th_40