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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Calendars, Birthdays, AI and Stuff

A few bits and pieces in the parish notices today.

First, our copy of the new Symi Dream calendar arrived yesterday and has been put away ready for when it is needed, which will be, er, next year. There’s a link to where you can get hold of one if you want 12 images of the island on your wall through 2024. They include pictures of Pedi, Nimborio, St George’s Bay, Horio, Panormitis, Yialos and a goat, among other Symi classics.

calendar thumb

Secondly, it’s the birthday/anniversary/returning time of year. Today is Ian H’s birthday, tomorrow, it’s Neil, Claudia, and Justine, our wedding anniversary (me and Neil, not me and… you get the idea), and the anniversary of arriving on Symi to live, 21 years ago, plus many regular Symi visitors are returning for the popular month of September.

Strange then, that one of today’s photos shows the harbour yesterday when it looked like it was completely empty. I wasn’t, it’s just that I can only see a part of it from up here, and later, the quayside was again lined with boats.


Thirdly and onwards, today, Neil is off SCUBA diving with Blue Lagon Dives and is down for another dive tomorrow, so he’s happy. Yesterday, he joined the gym and went for his training session, yet was still able to collect our calendars from the post office and a package from ACS which was a present for Harry; a mounted, canvas photo of H underwater on his birthday (the day after, actually), which we dropped off to the not-so-wee chappie in the afternoon.


Meanwhile, I was beavering away on a piece for an online magazine I write for and used a thing called ChatGTP for the first time. This is something to do with AI, and, so far, looks quite remarkable. I was using it for research only as it’s faster and more detailed than Google (and more polite), and I’ll tell you about my experiences with it in more detail one day when I’ve had some time to check it out. It has the potential to write plots or even books for you, but I have no intentions of using it for that, simply to ask it questions, like a typewriter version of Alexa. Early days, so, more news to come on that.


As for me, once I’d sorted out an email abuse issue, I spent most of the day doing the usual typing, editing and pottering around with no great achievements apart from finishing an article, working through another chapter of the next book, and some general admin, all while wearing a tee shirt in the house for the first time in weeks. Actually, it’s such an old tee shirt there are more holes than shirt, but it’s just the perfect thickness for this time of year when I’m between full above-waist nudity and all-over autumn respectability. We’ll have the duvet back on the bed soon, no fans going, and will have to think about closing windows when the wind gets up.

Enough chat. Back to the typowriter for me and a day of creativity while the husband goes exploring underwater.