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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Book done, dusting next

Book done, dusting next
Well, it’s finished. Except it is not. I am talking about ‘The Saddling’, the new novel I have been bleating on about all this time. Bleating being appropriate as it is set on the Romney Marshes, where there are a lot of sheep. This means I can now turn my attention to the backlog of housework, and take some time away from the desk to concentrate on what normal people do during the day, whatever that is. It also means that I can share the front cover with you. This is now agreed, apart from the font used for my name, the editor/publisher thinks a serif font would be better and Diogo in Portugal will change that while he also works on the back cover – not yet competed. But, before I show you the cover, I have a few other Symi related images to show you. Life is not, after all, all about me and my typing. Or so I’ve heard.

Symi Greece

Waiting for the Friday ferry

Sunday dawned bright and cold-ish. The wind has moved to come from the north and so it’s going to be colder. The barge has been busy over at the new jetty, where there’s been a drill hammering away and lots of building activity going on.

Symi Greece

The barge, out at sea. (Relaying its anchor?)

We were out on Friday night, a dinner at Giorgio’s with its winter-time atmosphere and ‘What do you want for dinner?’ kind of menu. There were some children out and about, dressed in fancy dress in a rehearsal for carnival, which will be on us soon. It’s ‘meat eating Thursday’ next week, I am told,’ the day for barbeques. Saturday was also a lovely day with a beer stop after shopping, impromptu, I should add. And Sunday was all about finishing the draft (seven) and sending it off to the editor/publisher so they can check it and lay it out. We’re hoping the book will be available towards the end of April. I will let you know.

Symi Greece

A military helicopter comes in and out from time to time.

So, another photo and then the front cover.

Symi Greece

Winter sunrise

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The Saddling

The Saddling – front cover design