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Neil may_04

Black & White

Black & White

Today, I thought I’d share some more of Neil’s black and white photography work.
We were invited to dine in Yialos on Tuesday evening, beginning with a drink at Eva’s, one of the cafés on the harbour front which looks out onto the taxi boats and yachts. A few more yachts are coming in now, and I believe we’ve even had a flotilla visit. There were more people about than I’d seen for a long time, and it’s always a mild culture shock being in the harbour for the evening, mainly because I tend to stay in the village or home at that time of day.

Neil may_04

Afterwards, we had dinner at Trata, the Trawler Taverna in the small square at the bottom of the Kali Strata. Again, it was good to see there was some custom, and as usual, the food was perfect. This taverna offers something a little different, such as the spiced pork, stuffed mushrooms and garlic potatoes. As with just about every eatery on Symi, the service is friendly and with a smile, and like several others, it is still family-run in the traditional style.

Neil may_01_3

We knew we weren’t going to get a bus back up the hill when Lakis and his family came to eat at the next table, and as we didn’t finish until after ten, there were no taxis. So, a slow walk up the steps on a balmy evening, with stops to admire the properties now being done up or built (and rest the legs, of course), and we were back in the village at closing time and ready for bed.

Neil may_07_3

Me being me, I was awake at 4.30 even though I’d not gone to bed until nearly midnight, and so I started Wednesday a little bleary-eyed and then realised I had loads of work to do preparing for a book release this weekend. Ah well, no pleasure without pain and all that. No black without white, I guess you might say.

PS, I sported out my OneDrive problem. It had something to do with a Firefox update that had knocked off the ‘make Firefox your default browser’ thing. Once I’d reset that, everything worked as normal.

Neil may_06_3