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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

Friday Photos

Friday Photos

Did you notice I resisted the temptation to write Friday Fotos? As I’ve gone from six to five-day working weeks, I’m putting up on a Friday what I used to put up on a Saturday, i.e. around 10 random photos. These ones were taken during this week. Have a good weekend wherever you are, stay home when you can, stay safe and don’t read the UK’s Daily Express. Rumours they put out about Greece opening its tourist season to UK visitors by the end of this month were completely wide of the mark and caused friends’ hopes to be raised and dashed.

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Symi Views

Symi Views

One of the nice things about having a balcony overlooking Symi harbour and the sea is that you always have something to watch. Even these days when there are no day boats, small yachts or cruise ships coming in and out, there are still others to view. The coastguard and patrols, small fishing boats, the ferries from three companies that continue to bring us supplies and offer a link to the medical centres in Rhodes, and the cargo boats that come into the new harbour to deliver… whatever it is they deliver. Then there’s also the changing sea and sky, the mist and the coast of Turkey.

May 12th_07

Meanwhile, also in the view, we currently find swallows and martens (I think) and swallows with long thin tails – are they swifts? I can never remember. Wide-winged seagulls follow the fishing boats or sit and bob on the sea, the collared doves coo from the telegraph pole, and we’ve even got a kestrel family nearby. Recently, we had a hooded crow causing a territorial fuss with the collared doves in the tree next door but one, and I think the doves won the battle as I’ve not seen the crow for a while. Ravens wheel about over the windmills where you can occasionally see eagles and the pigeons rise up in swaths to circle the harbour and land on the clocktower, reminding me of the car from Whacky Races. (That was the Gruesome Twosome, and it was bats that flapped around the tower, but… whatever.) Talking of bats, we sometimes catch a glimpse of them in the early light, as we do the owls.

May 12th_09

So, I may be spending more time than usual gazing from the balcony, and times are quiet right now, but there’s still plenty to see.

April 26th_03

Even very early in the morning there's somethig  going on out there.

Even very early in the morning, there’s something going on out there.


Wildlife goes shopping

Wildlife goes shopping

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how nature seemed to be encroaching thanks to the lack of humans out and about? Well, the chickens are becoming bolder, and recently, one of the hens from up the road brought her three chicks to explore the front of our house some distance from where they usually hang out. They have discovered a new shopping centre in the walled, ruined garden beside the house and spent some time there in the clutter-free isles, scratching about in unexplored territory.

May 12th_05 May 12th_04

Meanwhile, yesterday as I was on the balcony having a cup of tea, I happened to notice someone in the long grass and wildflowers directly below. That’s about 15 feet below, so I’m not worried, and I assume our usually shy neighbour fancied an early morning forage. They are usually found in what’s now the chicken supermarket garden, so perhaps the hen and her family took all the special offers, and he was out looking for something else. I’m sure he found much more exciting produce in the Fortnum’s which is the wild garden below than he ever found in the Spar shop next door.

May 12th_11 May 12th_12