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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

An idea for Halloween reading

An idea for Halloween reading

The Judas Inheritance_ ebook cover - smallerI was thinking… Halloween is coming up in just under three weeks, and if you’re the sort who enjoys a creepy story, you might be interested in ‘The Judas Inheritance.’ This is the book I wrote a while back on which a film was based. Although the book doesn’t say so, the story is inspired by Symi, though not the Symi we know. Whereas our Symi is a lively and happy place to be, in the book, the island is suffering a mysterious and supernatural curse and is not a happy place at all.

The book was written to be suitable for adaptation into a low-budget horror/thriller, and it’s told in the first person and in the third. This was to give it a more filmlike feel. One minute you’re in the main character’s head, and the next you’re essentially reading what they call the ‘black stuff’, the text or stage direction in a screenplay. Except, in the book, it’s expanded and detailed.

Also, there’s a lot of Symi history in the background of the book, invasions, change of ownership and so on, although just about everything else is made up.

The book has received favourable reviews, with readers using terms such as, ‘Heart-stopping suspense’, ‘A page-turner reminiscent of Stephen King at his best’ and ‘Brilliant storyline.’

Here’s the link to the page in case you fancy ordering the paperback version in time for Halloween. It’s also there on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and most Amazon stores around the world. Pleasant dreams!

The Judas Inheritance_ full cover - smaller

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