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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

An evening boat trip

An evening boat trip

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Pat and Hazel for the party on the Poseidon on Wednesday night, and to everyone who made it such a memorable night. Yiannis, Theodoros and the crew had already been out on a full day trip before turning the boat around and welcoming us aboard for an evening at Taviri. Great food, dancing and company – but not great photos, sorry about that.

July 10_37

Taviri is the small bay on Nimos, the island opposite Yialos. There’s not much there apart from a disused house used only by the goats, and a concrete jetty in need of repair, but don’t let that put you off. From there, you can see Turkey all around and over to the right after dark, the lights of Rhodes. The ferry came past after we’d arrived, heading back to Piraeus, but otherwise, there was very little boat activity, just long views of sea and coastline in the distance. The wind had been up to force four or five, but it settled down during the evening, making the trip back after dark much calmer than the one going out at sunset.

July 10_07

After that traditional group photo, we piled off the boat and caught a taxi after a couple of minutes’ wait, which is much easier than walking up the steps. It was, for me, a very late night and I’d been up and about since four in the morning which meant that yesterday, I didn’t wake up until half-five, half the day gone, and I wasn’t much in the mood for doing anything. We did, though, drag ourselves out to get some shopping and stopped for a frappe at Lefteris’ kafeneion on the way home, after which it was back to the desk for me and the final read-through of the latest story. You can book the Poseidon for private parties, just ask at the kiosk in Yialos, and I should also mention the other day-trip boat, the Maria, run by Lakis Travel. I’ve not been on it yet, but I have heard good reports. Perhaps when mother is here in September?

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