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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island


The Symi Dream blog started in 2005 as a way to publicise our photography business called Symi Dream (which we closed in 2015). Over the years, it developed into a daily blog about our life on Symi. After a two-year break, it returned to the airwaves in 2023, picking up where it left off. Here’s what it’s all about.

The blog is here to serve my self-publicity as an author. You can see a list of my four Symi books on the right, and there are links to my Amazon page where you can order oodles more words from my typo writer. As I write this in June 2023, I am working on my 41st full-length novel. (It’s actually 37 novels and the four Symi books.)

While you are there in the right-hand column, preparing to order Kindles or paperback or adding the books to your Kindle Unlimited, you will also notice a chap called Jackson Marsh. That’s also me; it’s the pen name I am currently writing under. As the blog continues, I shall be talking more about him, as he’s my best-selling persona, and the stuff he writes isn’t what you might think it is. I mean, it’s not all naughty nookie and all that icky stuff about people falling in love. Jackson is currently my full-time job, often getting me out of bed at 3.00 in the morning to work through until 10 or 11, and again for an hour or so in the afternoon, depending on the temperature. He also has a twice-a-week blog that I need to maintain, and if you want to explore and bookmark it, you can find it here:

What I am not

I am not a news agency, reporter, investigative journalist or gossip, so don’t expect anything sensible or scandalous, negative or nasty. Nor am I a travel agent, and thus, am unable to deal with random and accusatory emails such as, ‘I can’t believe there is no boat to Symi after my flight arrives! I must stay a night in Rhodes! Is there a boat I can take! What can I do!’ May I suggest, use fewer exclamation marks, and don’t take your lack of forward planning as my responsibility? Nor am I a trip advisor able or willing to recommend an apartment for a family of sixteen for one night on some obscure date a year next August. I don’t recommend restaurants. I am not an A to Z, a Kelly’s Directory, the Yellow Pages or Tourist Information.

I don’t get out and about much, so I’m not a roving cameraman who attends every church event, party, dance, concert, the opening of an envelope, and late night happening (late for me is 21.00). Similarly, I am not a typist, and as I have a kind of word blindness caused by bashing out between 4,000 and 6,000 words a day, you can expect many typos and odd speelings, becasue that’s how I am. I don’t have an editor, and as long as you now what I’m trying to say, who gaves a big rat’s arras?

What You Can Expect from the Symi Dream Blog

Random posts and photos about random things. From one or two posts per month back in the sepia days of 2005 (I think it was when I started this), I was up to six or seven posts per week before I took time off. From now on… We’ll have to wait and see. It depends on what mood I am in when I wake up, what the time is, how much I have on that day, and whether I’ve got anything to say. Even if I haven’t, I might say something. It’s like the sign Michaelis used to have on the door of the Meltemi bar; if I’m here, I’m in, but if I am not I am probably somewhere else… Something like that.

It’s just me. This is simply a platform for me to get random thoughts out of my head in the early morning, to post some pics of the island and what I see, to talk about everything and anything, and to publicise my work and jolly up some support for it. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis of Symi politics, life, and traditions; even I’m not pretentious enough to suppose I am capable of that.