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Symi Dream

Living on a Greek island

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

A New Week Ahead

And so begins another seven-day working week. Can’t wait. But first, a big thank you to everyone who sent anniversary wishes last Friday and over the weekend. We had a lovely afternoon at the bar and an evening with friends. As a special treat, Neil didn’t have to go to work at the bar in the evening, which he has been doing at busy times of late. Instead, we had a meal out at George & Maria, followed by, for me, a late night (10 pm).

Aniversary flowers from my husband. (Well, from Valantis' flower shop, but you now what I mean.)

Anniversary flowers from my husband. (Well, from Valantis’ flower shop, but you know what I mean.)

Talking of busy times, September on Symi is a popular month for northern European visitors, and already, many familiar faces have arrived for their two or more weeks, and as always, it’s good to see them. It’s also good to see and hear regular visitors meeting up while welcoming new visitors and sharing their experiences, thoughts, and their love of the island, hopefully encouraging return visits next year or in the future. What is always a very sociable island becomes even more sociable at this time of year and on into October. The day trip boats continue to arrive, with several each day, and the connections between islands are more than at any other time of the year. Except for today’s Blue Star which had to be cancelled as there’s a shipping ban due to high winds further north, and there’s a strike on Wednesday in protest at a nasty incident in Piraeus last week, but that may not affect the local services (ANES and Dodekanisos). The yellow bus is being repaired so we have the silver one, but the bus is keeping to its schedule, and the train is still running, as are the taxis, the bike and car hire businesses are open, and you can always use Shank’s pony to get around. Shanks being a new business hiring out mules because they are more eco-friendly than cars.

Only joking, sadly, but now is also a good time for walking as the heat is less severe, particularly in the mornings and evenings.

View from my window.

View from my window.

As for me, I have a quiet week planned with my usual writing shifts to see to, and a first draft to turn into a second. Neil continues to use the gym, and dive when he is able, work in the afternoons and sometimes the evenings, while I plan my list of odd jobs around the house. You remember that list of things to do that’s been hanging around for a few years? Well, I will soon start on the first of them; masticing some gaps between the porch roof and lean-to where the rain trickles in. After that, and assuming it’s a success, then there will be flat roof painting, another anti-leak strategy, followed by balcony-varnishing to protect the wood, possibly trap-changing beneath the kitchen sink, but most importantly, fixing the balcony door so we can close it before the weather turns.

But that’s not all to be done this week. I don’t want to open all my presents at once, and will let the to-do list fester while I work my way through it gracefully rather than with the temperament of a bull in a china shop, which is usually how I go about my running repairs, thereby making things worse.

Early morning out at sea

Early morning out at sea

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s back to work…