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Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

A different path

A different path

Another trip into Yialos on Wednesday. Gosh, that’s twice in one week. This time it was to collect a book from ACS who had rung to say I had a delivery. The book is about 19th Century fashion as that’s the kind of world I am living in right now, and is just what I was looking for. I walked down via the zigzag path beneath the church of Lemonitisa for a change, but not back up it. The steps are far too steep in some places. Although it is a more direct route up to our house, it’s like climbing a ladder, but it does offer some alternative views, as you might see from the photos.

June 24th_07

You might also note that the day was sunny and calm, and the harbour is still more or less boat-less. There’s one large cruiser in this morning (Thursday), and a smaller private yacht. There have been white sails out at sea, and some have pulled in for an evening. The main ferries continue to call in and out. There have also been some arrivals, but I don’t know where from or for how long they are staying. The first shoots of recovery, perhaps, but there’s a long way to go yet.

June 24th_06

The new road that will join the new harbour to the main road is coming along, though I can only see one part of it from up here, the rest is behind the fold in the hill. The new amphitheatre in the main town square seems to be progressing too, but again, I only have a limited view, and the site is surrounded by safety fencing. Other businesses are preparing to open up or at least get ready. Ready for what, exactly, is still a case of wait and see, which is what I do most mornings on the balcony. I wait to see what the day will bring, and currently, with a slight sense of dread as I am expecting not only my health insurance bill but also my tax bill, and we’ve not seen an electricity bill for months (though I pay a little each month online to cover it), nor have we seen a water bill for some time despite asking our landlord where they are because they come via him. But all that stress is for another day. For now, I am going to read about changing fashion through the 19th century and the etiquette of appropriate clothing.

June 24th_09