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A Greek island blog from Symi in the Dodecanese islands of Greece. "James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties..." Anne Zouroudi.

Symi Dream - Living on a Greek island

And off again

And off again

Here we go again, back on the boat and his time towards Athens. I’ll be back next week sometime and after that, should be back into the more usual routine of six updates per week. I’ll aim to start again around Thursday and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a set of random images from the last few months to scroll through. (Some are from Rhodes.)

Nimborio august 20 October Rhodes 09 October Rhodes 25 October Rhodes 27 Oct 20th 2 Oct 20th 5 Oct 11 1 Oct 11 11 Sept 16th 15 Sept and nimborio 20 birthday weekend 08 sept 1st 06 Vrisi 04 Sept and nimborio 02

Routine few days

Routine few days

Back to the old routine for a few days now, well, yesterday, today and tomorrow – until the evening. I found out that a lot of the roadworks going on are to do with the phone provider, Ote, but the lane we live on is, by the looks of it, stone replacement. It’s good to see that stones are being re-laid in the old style and we haven’t been tarmacked over.

Good weather here this week so far

Good weather here this week so far

I did my walk up the hill yesterday, and very pleasant it was, but from the sound of it, we’re in for bad weather at the weekend. That won’t worry me as I won’t be here, but it might if I have to sail through it. If the weather is really bad, there may not be a boat at all. I’m just checking the forecasts…

November 13th 02

Windfinder tells me it will be up to force five and no rain, so that’s okay. Accuweather tells me there will be rain on Saturday and Sunday, but it’s a slow, clunky site that I don’t find very user-friendly and don’t trust. shows winds 4 to 5 Bf on Thursday dying down on Friday with thunderstorms on Saturday through to Monday with winds only up to five, and, the one I trust, shows me winds across the Aegean between 3 and 5 Bf all weekend (very windy near Corfu), and a little rain down here on Sunday. The best forecast, still, is to look out of the window at the time or ask a Symi farmer.

November 13th 01

Dig it?

Dig it?

I am back from my long weekend and have arrived home to find the road to the house blocked to traffic. There had been work going on before I left, so I wasn’t surprised. If you’re on foot, you can take the steps behind the village square. It looks like there are to be improvements to the slippery corner, which can only be a good thing.

November 13th 05

Meanwhile, the road from Georgio’s to Sotiris supermarket is also being worked on, again, not too sure what it is for, I will ask Yianni later when I go down that way next. Meanwhile, meanwhile, Lefteris’ kafeneion is having a makeover too with drilling and ripping out and a concrete mixer going.

November 13th 04

While all that has been going on, there has been a meeting for those non-Greeks living here who are not on the electoral register. There is a council/mayoral election in May, and if you want to vote (as you should), then you should be on that register. If you’re not following this story on Facebook, I will put up information when I can and when I hear it. We’ve been on the register for years. No-one is sure what will happen with this Brexit farce/tragedy but even if you think it’s not worth registering, it is, because if the B word is delayed or, even better, scrapped, you will be able to vote for your local council and European elections.

November 13th 07

Okay, and now back to the washing and the shopping and those 101 other things that pop up when you’ve not been at home for a few days.

November 13th 08